You will be pleased to hear that despite Coronavirus challenges, we continue to make good progress towards the unveiling of the Trenchard Memorial Statue. To the side are photos of the latest castings, to which some detail needs to be added, but allowing for the nature of the camera used, I hope you will see the beginnings of something very special.

On another topic, you will be interested to hear that the Trustees recently agreed to expand the entry qualification for International Membership from Cranwell-based officers alone to include all exchange officers who have served in the RAF. This chimes well with our intention to mature the alumni base, and should be welcome news to all who have had the good fortune to serve alongside exchange officers of other nations. Indeed, we have our first new member in this category, Gary Catren USAF, who was an instructor at the Lightning OCU in the early 70s; we expect others to follow soon. You may recall that International Members pay no annual fee, and have no voting rights at the AGM. Should you have maintained contact with overseas colleagues who would qualify, why not let them know about this new opportunity to renew ties with their old RAF chums?

Lastly, I hope you are coping with lockdown and all its frustrations. Many Old Cranwellians have been making good use of the virtual Happy Hours and website contact facilities. Most importantly, if you are struggling in any way, do use the contact lines to reach out for help.

Warm Regards


Sir Chistopher Coville


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