President: Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Graydon GCB CBE FRAeS RAF

Mike Graydon

26 March 2020


Dear Cranwellian,

I am following up my letter to you of 19th March in which I advised the postponement of the Trenchard Statue unveiling and CA reunion scheduled for 20th June. I am delighted to inform you now that we have identified another date for this great occasion- the weekend 24/25th October.

Whilst the days will be closing in, sunset on the 24th is 17.46, it has the advantage of being  nearly 7 months away which should offer a fair chance of seeing life returning to more normality. So, please put that date in your diary now and further information will flow in the weeks ahead.

We are not going to stand idle in the meantime. We are launching a digital magazine on our website which your committee believes could both provide a helping hand to our 750 alumni members, some perhaps in distress, whilst also introducing a means of contact amongst Cranwellians when, at this time of national crisis, time may be hanging heavy on your hands. A digital happy hour is one such idea!

Please do go to where you will see the initiative develop on a daily basis. We sincerely hope that you will engage not only as users but also   find time to contribute content for publication along with ideas for further development,

Keep safe.

My best wishes,