Mike Graydon

16th October 2020


Dear Cranwellian,

As we had promised, the installation of the Trenchard Statue took place on Friday 16th October.


It was an event limited in numbers but deeply symbolic; it commemorates our centenary with an eye-catching and superb sculpture of our founder; it reminds  the Royal Air Force on a daily basis of what the Cranwellian Association can do in its support, and it sets the bar high for those who follow us.

My thanks to all of you who contributed to this great occasion and I look forward to its formal unveiling next year when you can all see for yourselves what we have achieved.



After the installation, I was able to present the Jack Holt Memorial Pace Stick to FS Steve Langton, a most worthy winner very much in the Jack Holt mould; it is good to see that this award is greatly appreciated within the College and the NCO cadre.“