We secondly draw to your attention the letter from the RAF Club President. You may already have received it and here again the pandemic has had a devastating effect on this superb facility and its needs our support. Please read the letter and consider what you could do to help.

Next we suggest, if you haven’t already done so, that you take a look at the latest work by Ian Steward who has drawn on and added significantly to work carried out by CA members and produced superb records and commentaries on Cranwellians in the Battle of Britain. It has been good to see the attention given to the 80th anniversary in the mediat.

Finally, we confirm that the Trenchard statue will be installed on 16th October in a low key ceremony which will be filmed and placed on the website. As you will recall, the plan is to unveil it at the reunion weekend next year.

The website has many interesting things on it; do take the time to trawl through but the items above – 30th September, RAF Club, and the planned Trenchard statue installation will we hope illustrate that the website is alive and prospering.

Our best wishes to you all