I am delighted to advise all Cranwellians that our outstanding sculptor, Vivien Mallock, has finished the preparatory work on the Trenchard statue and the cast is now in the foundry, being filled with bronze, before the moment arrives when it is revealed in all its splendour. We are all extremely excited at the successful outcome, so far, of what was a few years ago a challenging remit from our Association.

On funding, we have agreed to ‘close the books’ on 1 April, and although we have sufficient to pay immediate costs, we still need that vital buffer to accommodate both contingencies and future maintenance. As you will recall, we will have a Book of Donations, which will be permanently exhibited in the Rotunda, so you still have an opportunity to support this important enterprise, or of course to add more to previous donations.

I am very much looking forward to seeing you at the unveiling ceremony at our Reunion weekend, on 20/21st June.

Warm Regards


Sir Christopher Coville




19 March 2020